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Rival Drag Pro


This item will be released at a future date.

Premium 95% Carbon Fibre Hockey Stick

  • Low Bow
  • Tapered Slim Head
  • Curve Location 200mm
  • Max Curve 24mm
  • 95% Japanese Carbon Fibre
  • Kevlar Reinforcement
  • GripX Playing Surface
  • Weight 500-560g

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Rival set out to design the ultimate well balanced stick, and that’s exactly what they did. Hours of painstaking attention to detail and excruciating craftsmanship later, and they finally arrived at The Drag Pro! Not a drag flicker? Don’t worry, keep reading.

A superior stick that’s engineered to naturally synchronize with its wielder’s movements, helping to unlock your full potential on the pitch.

Here’s why players love it:

Perform effortless drag flicks during every game with its super low bow design and specially crafted tapered slim head, for the ultimate flicking action.

Despite being called the Drag Pro, this truly is an excellent all rounder stick. This super lightweight and well-balanced stick provides flawless control and allows you to carry out various maneuvers with effortless finesse.

Accuracy on slaps and push passes is unrivalled using the Drag Pro. You’ll have complete confidence in passing the ball to the right place, every time.

Elevate your ball maneuverability to the highest level with superb handling and movement! Like a hot knife slicing through butter, you’ll feel the immense difference on the pitch. Lets you catch everyone’s attention and also confuses your opponent with your greatly-improved ball handling ability.

Glide across the field and go all out while carrying this extremely lightweight stick that’s made from 95% premium Japanese carbon fibre and 5% military-approved kevlar.

GripX – Introducing GripX, a rough and ready addition to the head of your hockey stick to give you an unrivaled dribbling experience. This roughness enables a somewhat magical effect, allowing you to control the ball with ease, as if the ball was glued to your stick!

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Black & Gold, Blue & Silver


36.5", 37.5"